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LOCATED ON HWY 80 WEST OF RUSTON - Liquidation Auction 7-5-08 at 9:30 AM

Vendor Guidelines


Vendor Guidelines

A.     Renting Spaces

1.         The management can rent spaces only  to Vendors who follow Vendor Guidelines, pertinent federal, state and local laws and ordinances, and exhibit appropriate vendor behavior.  Management has the right to reject any application..

2.         Vendors must pick up their vendor packet upon arrival at the market. Payment is required before you set up on your lot.

3.         Vendor spaces will be large enough to accommodate 2 vehicles or a vehicle and trailer.  Any other vehicles should be parked in the vendor parking  spaces as assigned by the office..

4.         Prospective vendors may obtain a Vendor Application form from the Market Office.

5.         To retain a lot for the following month, a permanent vendor must pay for the lot by Friday after the current market.

6.        First time vendors must turn in their application with payment (2) two weeks prior to the market weekend.

B.      Setting up at the Market

1.       Vendors may set up as early as 10 a.m. Thursday before the market and must leave by 10 a.m. Monday.  Tail Gate spots will need to report through the vendor gate no later than 9:00 A.M. the dates you have reserved..

2.       All vendors are encouraged to sell Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Any vendor that cannot attend a market must notify the office within 72 hours of the market.  There are no refunds. Transfers to the next month must be approved by the office.  In case of cancellation due to weather, all fees will be transferred to the next months sale.

3.       Vendors must show Lot Receipt/Vendor Pass at Vendor Entrance before 9 a.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  No incoming vehicular traffic through the vendor entrance is permitted from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Fri., Sat., & Sun.

4.       Vendors pets must be carried or restrained on vendor lots at all times.


C.    Vending

1.       All Vendor lots belong to the owner of Ruston Trade Days, and each Vendor rents his lots at the pleasure of the ownership.

2.       If any warranty given, it will be between the Vendor and the buyer.  RTD does not warrant any vendors wares.

3.       Vending must occur from rented spaces. Vendors may not set up beyond the space assigned to them.

4.       The trashcans are for shoppers’ trash.  You must carry your personal trash and leftover items or boxes with you when you leave.  Keep your lot clean.  A $20 fee will be billed if clean up is needed to your lot after close of the market.

5.       Only market personnel providing vendor services may drive off-road vehicles in the market. 

6.       Management will provide delivery of large items from the vendor area to the parking lot only.  No customers will be allowed to drive in the vendor area.

7.       An electric heater or air conditioner may only be used in an enclosed RV.

8.       The following products and services may not be sold at this market: stink bombs, psychic services, carnival activities, raffles, lotteries, live music, massages or auctions. Only food vendors may sell food (other than produce or canned items) or drink, including canned drinks and water.

9.      Vendors must maintain their lots in a manner that protects the safety of themselves and the shopping public.


D.    Vendor Parking

1.       The Assigned Parking area is for vendors & workers only.  Vendors may not park any vendor vehicle or employee vehicle in the Shopper Parking Lot.. Vendor Parking is available on a limited basis, call the office for reservations on additional vehicles.

A.      Leaving the Market

1.      Remove everything from your lot(s). Take your boxes and personal trash with you.  Remove all trash and leave your lot clean.

B.    Selling Animals or Plants

1.       All animals must be sold on assigned animal lots.  However, no cattle, horses, donkeys, non-domesticated felines, endangered or protected species, snakes, llamas, ostriches, or amphibians may be exhibited or sold.

2.       Dog breeders must provide the purchases with a Bill of Sale, the Vendor’s telephone number and address, a record of shots, any necessary registration papers, and a refundable 72 hour period to have the dog checked by a vet.

3.       All animal vendors will be asked to provide at least 2 references.

C.    Selling Food

1.       Food Vendors must provide a copy of a valid Health Permit with their application.

2.       Additional charges include $5 per day per receptacle for electricity.

3.      The owner of a concession may not transfer their spaces when they sell their concession trailer.

D.    RV, Camper & Trailer Requirements

1.       RV spots will be available.  All RV’s must be parked in an RV spot.  Reserve your spots early if you are a vendor with an RV.

2.       Campers may be parked in your assigned lot.  Lots with available electrical hook ups for campers are limited, so reserve these early.

3.       If you have a camper or merchandise trailer which will require electricity, a $5.00 fee per day will be required.

E.     Taxes and Liability

1.       Sales tax forms will be provided in your vendor packet.  Each Vendor is responsible for collecting and turning in your taxes to the office upon leaving. If you are tax exempt or have a tax ID number please indicate those of the forms provided.

2.       Property taxes or other taxes assessed against the contents of the Enclosed Buildings are the responsibility of each vendor.

3.       The owners of the market are not liable for any losses to the contents stored in the Enclosed buildings, or any other lot, RV etc. as a result of fire, theft, or any calamity.

F.     Miscellaneous

1.       RTD is not liable for items sold.

2.       Ice is available at the office, call and we will deliver it to your lot space.

3.       The market will provide delivery services to the parking lot.  See rental fees for other services.

4.       The market and it’s owners are not liable for any personal injury or property loss caused by theft, calamitous weather or accidents.

5.       Tailgate spots do not have utilities available.

6.       Managements interpretation of rules is final.

G.    Rental Rates

Lot Type



Open Air

12 x 20


Covered Canopy

12 x 20


Covered Shed

20 x 20



With building



24 x 40



12 x 20


Tail Gate Spots



Tail Gate Spots daily

2 day minimum

$10.00 daily $20.00 Min.

Tables & Racks

Delivered to your lot


RV Spots

Per Night


Size of lot is vending area only – space will be allowed for the maximum of 2 vehicles. Covered spots are limited so reserve these early.

Upcoming Dates

Dec 7 – 9, Jan 11 – 12, Feb 8 – 10,

Apr 11-13, May 9-11, June 6-8

Please turn in applications 1 week prior to sale dates.

Ruston Trade Days, 7278 Hwy 80W, Ruston, LA 71270
318-614-0120, 251-2442, 235-5672